Skunk Removal & Relocation Service

Little Tommy came home the other day with a peculiar odor permeating from his little body. He and his friend Jack live in a highly wooded area. The 12 year old boys were out fishing near a man-made lake and spotted a baby skunk who was stuck in some mud and twigs. They thought the little creature might be alone and in need of help so they ran over to free him. That is when the mama skunk showed up and sprayed Tommy all over his body. Jack was able to get out of the way just in time. Tommy never did get the baby freed but the boys ran off and jumped in the nearby lake to try and rid Tommy of the smell. It didn’t work but when the boys returned to the area the baby was gone.


Once at home the boys told their moms about their escapades with the skunk. But Tommy’s mom already “smelled” the trouble when they walked in the door. Fortunately she knew just what to do. Opening a can of tomato tomato juice she instructed Tommy to take a bath with it. Soon he was rid of the unpleasant odor.

She then called the Skunk Removal Service and explained the situation to them. The clerk of was very nice and explained to Tommy’s mom their procedure. She said they had special traps designed for the skunks and other animals and they would catch them with food in a trap that wouldn’t hurt or kill the animals. She said they would then be relocated to remote area where there was lots of land and not a lot of people.


Tommy’s mom also mentioned there was a large snake that had been spotted in their backyard. It was very long and very thick and she was concerned that it might be poisonous. The removal service also had experts for that as well, and the next day they came out to do some trapping.

It took several days but the Wildlife Control Denver Colorado – Wildlife Removal – Pest Team Six┬ádid a fantastic job. A total of 33 skunks were caught. The snake was not able to be located until the last day of the skunk trapping. One of the technicians came by to tell Tommy’s mom that they skunks were all caught. He saw the snake near a bush as he was leaving their house. He caught him with a big net and put him in a sack. The technician said it was not a poisonous snake.

Everyone in the neighborhood was happy that children wouldn’t get sprayed by smelly skunks. The large snake frightened many of the moms so they were relieved that the snake wasn’t poisonous and that it would be relocated. The boys thought the snakes and skunks were cool and hoped to find more in the future. The Wild Life Service technician left a card with Tommy’s mom because he had a feeling that he would be needed for some other animal removal in the near future.